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Adventures in Awakening

Weekly Live Classes

& Group Meditation

"This experience was magical. Thank-you so much for this gift!"

- Debra Poneman, Ojai, CA

Weekly Live Classes on Zoom

Adventures in Awakening Academy offers free live Zoom inspirational classes every Saturday, after morning meditation. 

And on Sunday after meditation, we host a lively reading and book discussion group, that explores  moving and uplifting spiritual books.

"Your work and your orchestration was so powerful. I'm kind of blown away."

- Kim Zoller, Ojai, CA


The Saturday classes cover a wonderful wide variety of spiritual topics, including - Self-healing and breathing techniques, Clean Green Eating - cooking demonstrations, OmMotion - gentle movement, Ayurvedic Wisdom, Vedic Chanting, Connecting and living from your Soul, Fire Ceremony Events, Crystal Bowl Sound Baths, and so much more. We also have guest presenters and interviews with fascinating spiritual leaders.

The Sunday Book Reading Class is a lively sharing and discussion of powerful books that open and inspire us to explore life from a fresh perspective.

Come and join our wonderful community of Souls that are here to support each other in exploring, learning, growing and awakening in new and wondrous ways.  

Contact us to join our Weekly Classes

"Just wanted to let you know how much better I felt after meditation today. 

Changed the outlook for the day. Felt a very deep connection with my soul, 

washed with love and love flowing through me. 

Thank-you Traysiah and Tom, and the meditation group."

- Kathie W., Bellingham, WA

Live Online Group Meditation

Come and join our live online Zoom

Group Meditations

three mornings per week.

Om Awaken Meditation  

A guided meditation, that effortlessly leads our mind beyond our busy thoughts, to experience our own place of silence and peace within. 

We offer Group Meditations every -

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 

mornings at 8:00am PST 

More information on Group Meditation 

Contact us to join our Group Meditation

"What a gift you have given us. I am grateful!"

- Ronnie N., Miami, FL

Group Meditation

By simply closing our eyes and being quiet for a while, we can experience a surprising moment of peace and calm.

This sense of peace, then can be taken with us as we move throughout our day. It can help us to remember that we all have a place of calm within our selves to access and pull from, during the challenging times of our life.

When we meditate in a group, this stirs the peace and silence even more and enhances everyone's meditation experience, as well as, enlivens coherence and harmony in the environment.

It also reminds us of a wonderful sense of connection and community.

Tom and Traysi have led group meditations for people of all ages and backgrounds and they have found that most people easily have a natural experience of relaxation, calm and quiet for a few moments. And they often express afterwards, that they are so grateful for a reprieve from the busy-ness of the minds and their lives.

More information...

"For me, this has truly been a lifeline! 

It is a safe place where I can come and recharge."

- Leticia N., San Mateo, WA

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