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Adventures in Awakening


“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more,

but those giving more.”

— H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Om Angels

Om Angels is a community of Souls that are cultivating - 

"Living from the Joy of Giving."


I was recently in India for three and a half months. And while I was there, I saw inspiring acts of selfless service by every day people. I saw that the very culture of India is based on being devotional and caring for each other. It is a mind-set of - "How can I help, give or serve?" It is a strong contrast to the western culture, which at times, may seem to be more like - "What's in it for me? Or how can I gain, get or acquire?"


I was so moved by this wonderfully caring way of living, that it inspired me to create Om Angels. Om Angels is a daily practice of cultivating “Living from the Joy of Giving”.

“The purpose of life is to help each other through it.”

- Peter Matthiessen

3 Steps for

 "Living from the Joy of Giving" - 

Spiritual teachers tell us that the greatest fulfillment comes from giving to others. It just feels good to give and it boosts our levels of joy.

So how can we bring this into our life on a daily basis? Om Angels suggests a three-step process of giving, that we can practice every day - 

“Nurture ourself, Nurture each other, Nurture the earth”

“Giving as much as we can, we’ll receive more than we ever thought humanly possible.” 

- John Assaraf 

Nurture Our Self

• In order for us to have something to give, we have to give to our self first

• We take good care of our self, first, through - meditation, good daily routine, eating cleanly, loving and accepting our self, playing, laughing, doing something that we love with loved ones

• Then from this fulfillment of self-care, we naturally have so much to give to others, from a sense of over-flowing fullness 

“Yogasta Kuru Karmani”

“Established in the fullness of Self, perform action”

– From the Bhagavad Gita

Nurture Each Other 

• Every day we can practice offering simple gifts to everyone we meet, to uplift and bring joy to each other

• We can offer – a smile, a compliment, a joke, a wish, a prayer, do a simple act of kindness, help someone that needs assistance, remind someone that they are special, or just be a good listening ear

• Then we can go to the next level and offer our time, talent or treasure to help others - see below.

“The best form of service 

is to uplift someone’s state of mind.”

- Shri Shri Ravi Shankar

Nurture the Earth 

• Nurture the earth -

• We can become more conscious of how we live and how this impacts our beautiful mother earth

• Every day we can practice simple ways to help the earth to heal

• We can eat less meat, plant more trees, recycle & compost more, buy a hybrid or electric car, use less plastic, live simply & sustainably, support sustainable businesses, we can love and enjoy the earth with all our heart

• Then we can go to the next level and offer our time, talent or treasure to help the earth - see below.

“I am a pencil in the hand of God."

- Mother Theresa

Daily Practice

• Every day we can practice doing one thing from each category and make it a habit for living - “Nurture ourself, Nurture each other, Nurture the earth”

• Just one simple thing every day – can create a new habit of – “Living from the Joy of Giving”

Love in Action

• Then - to go to the next level of offering our time, talent and treasure for helping each other and the earth –

• Om Angels offers "Love in Action" - group giving programs - volunteer services as as a group 

• Om Angels is a way to nurture the community and the earth, from the power of our group consciousness

• As a group, we can have so much more impact with what we do

• It is the next level of giving in a real and tangible way

“How can I become more enlightened? 

Feed someone.”

- Ram Dass

Nurture Each Other 

The Food Bank

"One extra can,

to help lend a hand."

Helping to nourish the hungry, one can at a time

• One simple way to nourish each other, is to buy one extra can of food, when you go grocery shopping

• These cans then, can be given to the food bank, where many people that are in need, can be fed 

• If we each buy one can a month, then this could mean many cans for those that could really use it

• This is such a simple and very helpful way to practice "living from the joy of giving"

 What Food Banks Accept

• Food banks accept dry and canned food donations. Basically, any food that is “shelf-stable” or nonperishable. Only donate food that hasn’t reached its “sell-by” date yet.


Specifically, food banks often need items like:

Peanut Butter, Canned soup, Canned fruit, Canned vegetables, Canned stew, Canned beans, Pasta (Gluten-free or whole grain), Rice (brown rice)


“If one act of kindness is given to you, 

then you give it to 3 others.”

- Jane Goodall Documentary

Nurture the Earth

Planting Trees

• One thing that Tom and I are passionate about is planting trees.

• This is one of the biggest ways we can help the earth to heal.

• We have an account with a tree planting foundation – 

“One Tree Planted” – It plants one tree for every dollar donated

One Tree Planted - Link to donation -

• Our wonderful Om Angels group is donating a few dollars per month to planting trees – even if we each give $2.00 per month, it adds up

• And  over time, as a group, we can plant a whole forest

• How exciting will that be!

“Trees create clean air, clean water, 

and a more stable climate.”

- One Tree Planted

“If you can shift from “me, me, me”, 

to “how can I help”, 

you’ll find your heart's fulfillment."

- Anonymous

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