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Adventures in Awakening


"Everything in life is for our awakening"

- Thomas Bakken



To discover new ways for us to wake up and

remember, that we are so much more 

than we appear to be on the surface.


And to take a deep dive into the exploration of

"Who am I?" and "Why am I here?".


All for the purpose of

activating our awakening process,

and stepping into our highest potential.

“I am here to wake up and remember

what I already am.”

- Thomas Bakken

How It All Started

Adventures in Awakening comes out of many years of Traysiah Spring and Thomas Bakken bringing meditation and other conscious living modalities out to the world. 


Traysi and Tom first met at a meditation retreat in San Diego, CA. The retreat was hosted by Dr. Deepak Chopra and they both were inspired to become instructors in meditation and Ayurveda, through his center. They then worked for years at Dr. Chopra's Center for Wellbeing, which inspired them to bring this timeless knowledge out to the world. 


They eventually moved up to Washington State and continued to teach meditation and other conscious living modalities, both in person and online. They also wrote 2 books and became certified as Hatha Yoga Instructors.  


Once the pandemic started, Traysi and Tom went entirely online and created a regular online Zoom meditation group, hosting it three mornings per week. They then added weekly classes and book discussions. Their class topics range from Ayurveda, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and OmMotion, to Plant-Based cooking demonstrations and Coaching sessions. 


Adventures in Awakening is a long time coming, manifesting from the passions of both Traysiah and Thomas, to explore our inner realm of consciousness and to offer practical steps to accelerate and activate our awakening process. 


"I found the whole experience quite profound on many levels."

- Jenny M. - Bowral, Australia

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