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Community Music

We have many gifted musicians in our community and friends of the community.

Enjoy this music.


Traysiah has been singing for as long as she can remember. At age eleven, she learned to meditate and had a profound experience of deep silence. After that, her musical interests turned to spiritual songs... Learn More

Alan Miceli is a gifted guitar player and songwriter, and is a long time friend of Traysiah Spring. 


Alan is a classical and steel string guitarist. He received his training at the Toronto Conservatory of Music... learn more 

"The Spaces Between are filled with peace. Crisp and clear production make these tender heart-felt songs almost glow. Alan has great talent and his artistry is right up there with Alex de Grassi and William Ackerman".

  -  KJON 99FM

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Deep Delta is the main soundtrack that we use with our guided meditations, because of its profound effect of naturally calming and relaxing our whole mind/body system.


We highly recommend any of Leigh Spusta's Sound Creations. He is a gifted musical artist.


Deep Delta - This deeply immersive track has been developed by internationally recognized Brainwave Audio Expert Leigh Spusta to assist in promoting delta waves in the brain.


This is one of our most potent and blissful recordings to date, a wonderful 40 minute journey that has you feeling like your floating on clouds, moving deeper and deeper into serenity and complete relaxation. Learn More...

Wizard Azanon is a gifted musician and artist who is a dear friend of Traysiah Spring.


Azanon began composing New Age ambient/experimental meditation music in the early 2000's, focusing on minimalism and synthesizer sequences to create music for altered states of consciousness and trance for emotional and spiritual experiences that explore different realities and dimensions.

Learn More...

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