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Community Books

There are many talented authors in our community. Enjoy this selection of books.

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Traysiah Spring is a bestselling and award-winning author who has published three books - Adventures in Awakening, Clean Green Eating, and Clean Green Healing. Learn More...

Halfway Up and Halfway Down - A True Story, Told in Poems and Essays, of a runaway Child, Who Moves Through Alcoholism, into Belonging

Half orphan and half crazy, not always sure of what is real and what is not. This motherless child runs away from a physically and mentally abusive world. Real and imagined. Learn More...

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Earth and Fire: A Tale of Mexico

When a young person goes on a Vision Quest to search for life’s meaning, they must be prepared to take a “leap of faith” into the unknown, face their greatest fears and question everything they believe is true in order to survive their ordeal and find their way through to redemption. Learn More...

More Books to Come

More books to come.

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