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Community Works of Art

Enjoy these Works of Art from our community, and friends of our community.

Painting on Canvas

Current mediums: Gold leaf, charcoal, paper, ink & my photography. Seeker of capturing life and preserving it.

Jaydon is Traysiah Spring's son and is a gifted photographer. He loves to travel and capture the beauty of the landscape wherever he goes. Learn More...

"I take photos to get outside and soothe my Soul with light." - Jaydon Zimmerman

Mandala Paul H.jpg

Paul Heussenstamm is one of Traysiah Spring's favorite artists. She has several of his paintings in her home. She is inspired by them everyday. She highly recommends Paul's works of art.


As a renowned teacher and fourth generation artist, Paul Heussenstamm has been sharing his unique gift of helping people discover their Soul through his paintings and Art As A Spirtual Path workshops worldwide.  Paul has created over 2000 unique and spiritual paintings while passionately sharing his artistic capacity to explore and create Sacred Art from many traditions such as buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity.  Learn More...

Wizard Azanon is a gifted artist, creating many artistic expressions to explore sacred geometry and multidimensional realms. He has a magnificent Starseed Oracle Card Deck, amazing designs on blankets, and other inspiring works of art. Learn More...

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