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Adventures in Awakening


"I was blown away after the class last night! It's phenomenal really! 

I'm amazed at the broad span of information you have covered. Thank-you!"

Mary M., Carmel, CA

Awakening Together

Monthly Membership and Community Program, that gives you full access to the Adventures in Awakening Library of classes, knowledge materials, and more.

Free course of recorded videos and audios to help you to have a powerful and effortless meditation practice.

Clean Green Eating

Plant-Based to Feel Great!

Clean Green Eating is all about exploring how to feel good with food. By eating fresh, whole, conscious food, that truly nourishes our body and soul, we naturally feel vibrantly alive and healthy.

With instructor 

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati. 

In this course, Sadhviji guides students through a simple, yet powerful process of shifting from the Hollywood mindset to the Himalayan mindset, so they can fully experience the true peace, joy and freedom of who they really are.

Introduction to

Vedic Astrology

4 Week online class to go in depth into learning how to read your own Vedic Astrology Chart, for the purpose of understanding your self and your life purpose. 

Adventures in Awakening

7 Levels of Discovery

Coming Soon!

Being a Baddass Spiritual Force for Harmony and Peace

Learn empowering tools, techniques and methods to empower yourself to handle any challenging situation.

Coming Soon! 

Adventures in Awakening

Level One

Who Am I?

Coming Soon!

Adventures in Awakening

Level Two

Who Am I Not?

Coming Soon!

"By simply shifting how we perceive the world, 

we transform it from the inside out."

- Thomas Bakken

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