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Adventures in Awakening


An Epic Expedition of Exploring - 

"Who Am I?" and "Why Am I Here?"

"I cannot thank you enough for your amazing course and all you have taught me. I could honestly listen to you for hours and hours."

- Tamatha O., Cowra, Australia


Dear Magnificent Fellow Souls,

I am so excited to offer this new online course, that explores who we really are and why we're here.

Have you ever felt that there is more to you than your human body, your personality, your thoughts, your job, your life story?

Well, there is! There is so much more to you than all of these things.

You are so much more!

The "Soul Odyssey Experience" is a seven-week fully experiential journey, through 7 Levels of Discovery, to explore yourself and your life from a whole new perspective, from a higher point of view, so you can feel at peace with your life so far, gain crystal clarity of the ultimate purpose of your life and unleash your highest potential.

When we radically shift our perspective, we can create powerful transformations on all levels of our self and our life.

This course offers seven weeks of recorded classes and materials, and includes - guided soul journeys, meditations, inspirational exercises, pdf's of posters and learning materials, as well as, many powerful tools and techniques for you to take with you and use in your daily life.

"To me, this has truly been a life-line!"

- Leticia N., San Mateo, CA

"Thank you Traysiah for the wonderful “Soul Odyssey Experience" Course. The wisdom, spiritual guidance, practical tools, and information were so well organized and presented with such love and compassion.

I loved the information on clean green eating, the doshas, and E.F.T.

I was truly inspired by the soul breathing and focusing on G.I.F.T.S. Learning to relate to life on a soul basis is amazing, thanks for enriching my life with this transformative course. Hope you offer it again, I’ll be the first to enroll!"

- Kathie W., Bellingham, WA

"I would highly recommend Traysi to anyone that has come to a crossroad in life and wants to make a deep and meaningful change."

- Davita R. - Los Angeles, California

My Story

It has been my lifelong passion, to explore the depths of who we really are.

At eleven years old, I was introduced to meditation and had a life changing experience of infinite expansion and absolute silence within. From that moment on, my life has been focused on exploring our inner world consciousness, to discover who we really are and why we are here.

This course is a culmination of a 46 year intensive journey, of sitting at the feet of great wise beings, meditating with 2,000 other people, studying and teaching Meditation, Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Hypnotherapy and other holistic modalities. And sharing this eternal wisdom with beautiful Souls around the world.

I am so excited to bring these lifelong experiences and discoveries together into one course, to share with you some of the hidden gems of wisdom that I have stumbled upon, along the way.

Are you ready to explore the depths of who you really are and why you're here?

Come on a journey to explore your epic Soul Odyssey.

With joy and love,


What Level Are You On?

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7 Levels of Discovery

Every week we will be delving deeply into another level of:

who you are, who you are not, and why you are here.

Payment Options

Choose what is most comfortable for you

One Payment

$108.00 US

One Payment

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7 Week Online Course

Bonus Materials

Group Coaching Sessions

Recordings of Classes available for 2 years

Monthly Payment Plan

$27.50 for 4 Months

4 Monthly Payments

Comfortable Payments

1 hr session




Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, Spiritual Leader, Rishikesh India

"What a gift from the universe you are, Traysiah!"

Debra Poneman, Yes To Success

"Tom and Traysi are the best of the best! They are excellent teachers, speakers and even entertainers!"

- Debra Pone​man, Best selling Author, Global New Thought Leader, "Yes to Success" Seminars

Reverend Blake Isaac, Director of Questhaven Ministry

"Traysi and Tom are outstanding speakers and teachers. They have a natural way of presenting a topic with interest, clarity and enthusiasm, that engages the audience."

- Rev. Blake Isaac, Director of Questhaven Ministry, San Marcos, CA

Marci Shimoff, Best Selling Author, Speaker

"I have been very impressed with the depth of Traysi's knowledge and usefulness of her guidance. She has over 25 years of experience helping people step into who they were born to be."

- Marci Shimoff, Featured in the Documentary "The Secret", Best Selling Author, World renowned Speaker, Global New Thought Leader

Rene Ringnalda, The Chopra Center

"Traysi and Tom are wonderfully knowledgeable and inspiring facilitators. They know how to deliver content and turn it into a lasting memory. I highly recommend attending their events."

- Rene Ringnalda, Chopra Center Educator, The Chopra Center, San Diego, CA 

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